Master Window Cleaners of America

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What Members Are Saying About MWCoA


All I can say is the group as a whole is great and has an invaluable wealth of knowledge. I've learned so much that I KNOW has helped me as a newbie. Look forward to many years in the MWCoA.

Jack Yazembiak
Erie Window Cleaning
Erie, Pa.


I'm very proud and honored to be associated with this group. What I've learned from the current and archived posts has made this past week my financial record-breaker--despite a gloomy economy.

Window cleaning has been very good to both me and my family, enabling my wife to stay at home and take care of our little girl. Something I never could have done while being a high school teacher. Being associated with MWCoA gives me the confidence and knowledge to improve my business in every way.

THANKS! (I'm looking forward to the goodies, too!)

Sean Carr
Baltimore, MD.

MWCoA Member Feels Blessed

I feel very blessed to be a member of the MWCoA. This group of ours has helped me in many ways. Every post I read on the group forum is so important. There hasn't been when one question or comment that hasn't touched me in some way, whether to increase my knowledge base or bring me back to a place I once was at or even still am.

The main web site, loaded with useful information! The fellowship with others that share a common bond. The wonderful people we meet. The new friendships we make. The new technology we share. The safety rules! Our group has personally helped me to focus in on my own little company and motivated me to incorporate the wisdom we share through our group.

While many of us have for years have struggled along on our own it's really nice to have a comfortable place to share our experiences. I might have accomplished a few things by myself but with the collective knowledge of our combined membership I can and have accomplished so much more. And, so can we all!

What makes any organization great is their number one asset, their members. Whether posting on our forum or just reading posted messages, participation is what's making our group successful. I challenge those who aren't involved to become more active. Because we have an active membership we all benefit. So thanks again everybody!

Rick Morin
Arizona Window Care
Tucson, AZ

MWCoA Inspires Window Cleaner From Spain

May WC'er of the Month - Karl Robinson

Wow, thanks folks, I can't believe it. I've been so swamped lately with work, this is the best present I could get. The rewards couldn't come at a better time either, I was just about to put an order in for more gear!

Out of all the forums I've been on, this is the most thought provoking of the lot. I also find the work in Spain is more similar in style to the US market than the UK one. Thanks for the vote of confidence, its been a huge boost......

Can I also say, what a great professional forum this is. You should be proud on what you have achieved with the MWCoA & I can see it going hugely global real soon. I hope the success of MWCoA continues & that I can provide more solutions to questions as well as learn from the huge range of experience offered. Thanks again,

Karl Robinson
Mallorca, Spain

MWCoA Amazes Canadian Window Cleaner

To All,

......I can not believe the amount of questions I have due to the info I have recieved on this email disscusion. It amazes me even after spending many years in the industry how much more info there is south of the border. I am really greatfull to be apart of such a great professional, knowledgeable bunch of people. I know I am new to all of you but any time that you would be able to spend with me via email, would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Meredith
Canada Cleaning Services
Victoria BC

MWCoA is an Asset For New Business Owners


Congratulations on starting your own WC business. All I can say about the MWCOA is it will the best $50 you will spend on your business. The information you get access to is worth much more than the cost of membership. I would say one of the best benefits is getting access to the MWCOA yahoo group. The members on the group openly share information on what best works...and the pot holes to avoid while building a WC business. Guess you could say I'm a big fan of the MWCOA.

So, what part of orange county are you from? We just moved to Pearl River so this spring will be my 1st season in NY.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask

Keith Goodrum
KABCO Window Washing
Pearl River, NY

Thank You MWCoA

I would like to personally thank everyone in this group. I have said it before but I can't say it enough. The women and men in this group are INCREDIBLE. Ya'll have made this last year starting my business from scratch a much much more pleasurable experience.

Whenever I have had difficult times getting business; I always received wonderful words of encouragement. I count it an honor and priviledge to have become a member of this great group of professionals. Again, thank you Jack and the board members for this recognition.

Reid Sechrest
R & A Window
Lexington NC

Newcomers Appreciate MWCoA

"I hope I can speak for all the newbies, myself included, this is a great idea, and thanks in advance for all the information that is going to be forwarded. On my behalf in particular, I want to thank you all personally.

The MWCOA has been an eye opener for me, although I don't participate in the chat room often, but I read every single e-mail that is put out. Once again thank you for all the input and suggestions that are done on a daily basis."

Stephen Hernandez
Squeaky Klean Window Kleaners

The Power of MWCoA in Action

"Today I did 8 estimates and I included the MWCoA website and a copy of the April Wc'r award. 5 people called me back tonight and when I asked them why they went with me and not the other window cleaners, they stated that my handout packet showing being a member of MWCoA impressed them as well as the April Wc'r receipicant. That I appeared "professional".

So what I'm trying to say is that I never felt the power of MWCoA until today. I urge all members to proudly display your association with this group when dealing with your customers.

As my best friend says, "it takes a steel beam to hit you along side your thick German head to get it." Today I got it."

John Jurgens
Sparkling Window Service
"windows so'll think they're open"(tm)
Vancouver, WA

MWCoA Members Get Together For Mentoring:

"Hey Group...Wanted to share with everyone - had meeting today with yet another So. California WC'er, Craig Cascelli. (Clear-Outlook WC'ing)

He came out my way to hook up with me for a Gig I had today. He's relatively new. Has his 1st Gig tomorrow so needless to say he wanted to tag along and see how things are done!

Unfortunately the Gig today was mostly CUT-UPS. Not the best thing to break him in on but....he was impressed w/D.I. & Micro-fiber combo!

And of course I used my WFP on the exterior. He was AMAZED with the results there. :)

Anyhow had a good day. Turned him on to some stuff so he's got a jump start on his Gig tomorrow along with the swag he already had. Really a super nice guy!

Enjoyed spending time with him. He's very EAGER to learn. It's well worth it to be in a position today where I am afforded that privilege!

Thanks again MWCoA. It's because of the association I get those opportunities!"

Craig Aldrich
Sparkle Window Cleaning
Canyon Lake Ca.

MWCoA Mentoring in Action
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MWCoA Members Get Together For "Hands On" WFP work:

Craig Aldrich hooked up with Scott Lamberth, Western Window Cleaning, out of Chino Hills.

"He went out with me to a Gig to see & get a little "Hands On" training with the WFP. Super Nice guy, good WC'er too. we enjoyed a little lunch after the Gig and talked shop, the usual Networking that truly pays off for many in our Industry."

Craig Aldrich
Sparkle Window Cleaning
Canyon Lake Ca.

MWCoA Mentoring in Action     MWCoA Mentoring in Action
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It Pays To Join MWCoA:

"Thanks Jack,
Best group I have ever been a member of. Best $50 I have ever spent!"

Brad Carey
Brad's Window Cleaning

MWCoA Member Appreciation:

"Hello everyone,

I'm so grateful that I belong to a group of professional window cleaners from around the world willing to help me and each other. I know that I can count on you guys on any day of the year for help. No matter what the question is I will always get an answer. That is priceless. I feel we are all family here. We look out for each other. We care for each other. We help each other. I know this sounds corny, but I love you guys."

Whitney W. Williams
Quality Window Cleaning
West Palm Beach, Florida

Networking Success for MWCoA Members:

"You won't find a nicer group of people anywhere. I have about 19 months experience and when I have a problem I send it out and I have instant answers. This group has shared in my joys and supported me in my dilemas."

Kevin Heap
Brite Boy Window Cleaning

MWCoA Email Group Gets High Praise From Members:

"When you tell customers that you are a Member of the Master Window Cleaners of America it can make a difference in whether you get a job or not. Not all jobs are that way. There is that one that is on the fence that this can make a difference. I was in the insurance business for 15 years. I had to market a promise on paper. Window Cleaning you are selling yourself and your service. Until you get that job the first time the customer does not know what great service you have. Being a Member helps you get that chance to show them just how good you are. I like having that chance to show them. This Association helps give me an edge. I may not have to work as hard to get the customer."

Roy Bradley
S.O.W. Window Cleaning

What MWCoA Members are saying:

"The things that I have learned here can't be measured. There are a lot of good people in here and that is obvious by how they are willing to take in new members in and mentor them into becoming better window cleaners."

Reid Sechrest
R & A Window and Gutter Cleaning

Thank You MWCoA:

"I joined MWCOA just over a month ago -- not too long after Terry (my business partner/boyfriend) and I (I'm a girl!!) started our window cleaning business.

I am proud to say we are doing our first house next Saturday. Our other jobs have been store-fronts and yes we're happy for those but we are really excited about our first house. We both have other full- time employment so we had to schedule this job on a Saturday.

Terry asked the customer how heard about us. He said something like "well you are a member of a window association right? I got your info from their website. You were the only one in the area listed. I do everything on the internet."

So I want to say a big:

T   H   A   N   K     Y   O   U,     M   W   C   O   A !!!!

Thanks Jack and B.A. for encouraging me to join. Thanks for having the directory on your website.

It does pay (literally) to be a part of this great group. I feel now that Terry and I no longer just represent Thomas Window Cleaning, but we represent MWCoA as well........"

Samitra Seales
Thomas Window Cleaning
Houston, TX

Window Cleaners - A Well Rounded Group

I have found window cleaners to be a group of family-minded folks with honesty at the core. Right above honesty is integrity. I also see many with a fish symbol and others who speak of prayer. I have been in NO other business nor associated in any way with such a well-rounded group of people.

This since of values has had a dramatic impact upon me and the story of the grandson is a fine example. Point in fact, joining this and other similar groups have challenged me to re-evaluate myself. And make the appropriate changes. I am now a work in process ; )

So, for those of you (and you know who you are) that write, speak and do these things, thank you. I am better because of YOUR examples. My Grandpa would have done that to me if he were alive during that time.


Phil Ruthven
Clearly Professional

Great Support

There is without a doubt a wealth of experience at Masters! The support from Howard and all of the members of this association blows me away! I don't think I could have ever fallen into another type of business of any kind and found the support I have found from the Master Window Cleaners of America!

I met Howard during a visit to Tucson and I'm just very thankful he wasn't the owner of a Subway franchise because then I'd probably be learning how to be a sandwich artist right now!! lol.

Bill's Window Cleaning Service
Lawton/Elgin/Apache, Oklahoma