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Master Window Cleaners of America

Membership Benefits

       FREE Unger Tool Kit. A $76.00 value.

       FREE Triumph Scraper from J.Racenstein Co. A $12.00 Value

       Special Discount of up to 8% off on orders from J. Racenstein Co.

       Official MWCoA Insurance Carrier

       Improved Image as a Professional

       Link To Your E-mail/Website

       Use of Logo on Business Cards, Letterhead, Shirts, Truck Signs, etc.

       Advantage Over Non-Member Competition in Head to Head Bidding Process

       Identification Card & Certificate for Framing

       Monthly Interviews with Members

       Help With Advertising

       Resumé Enhancement

       Access to Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets

       Access to videos of events and lectures from past seminars

       Access to videos of techniques, training and production

       An Environment for Personal & Professional Growth

       E-mail Discussion Group

       WC'er of the Month, WC'er of the Year and Thread of the Month Awards (With valuable Sponsor Supplied Prizes)


When deciding between an Internet discussion group and an Association. Keep in mind that an Internet discussion group costs you nothing and some of the advice that you receive there is worth everything you pay for it, but an Association is a group of window cleaner moving the industry forward. Improve the professional level of all window cleaners. An Association does this through a discussion group, but also through education both in the form of seminars and in the form of Internet education.

MWCoA has a vast library of information at it's disposal. We hope that you will consider this when making your choice. What you see on the public side of MWCoA is just the tip of what MWCoA has to offer.

The members section is full of advice, member made flyers, forms and even actual video from seminars. The seminars cover, Salesmanship, Fabricating Debris, Power washing as an add on and Glass Restoration.