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Master Window Cleaners of America

Member Ethics Guidelines

To provide the best service possible, on time and in a safe and efficient manner.

To provide equal and caring service to all customers regardless of ethnicity, religious or political affiliation.

To attempt to remedy customer concerns about your Window Cleaning work in a quick and timely manner.

To be constantly aware of safety for the customer, yourself and your employees. To ensure that you and your employees have received sufficient training in ladder safety and health issues related to chemical use.

To ensure only the highest integrity from your employees regarding customers property and person. Addressing customer concerns about employee conduct and appearance immediately.

To provide your employees and yourself with shirts, hats, signs and/or some other means of identification for your customers to have the confidence and assurance that they are dealing with a professional Window Cleaning Service.

Remember, as "America's Finest Window Cleaning Professionals" we are representatives of the Master Window Cleaners of America Association. On the job, in our communities and how we conduct ourselves as members on the email forum and on other email groups all reflect on MWCoA.

Members must be in good standing with their suppliers and Sponsors of MWCoA.

As a Member of this Association please familiarize yourself and your employees with the MWCoA Ethics Guidelines.