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Advantages of Hiring a MWCoA Member

Reasons why hiring a member of MWCoA is to your advantage as a consumer:

   1.Most Members are owner/operators and provide personalized service.

   2.MWCoA Members provide the best service possible, on time and in a safe and efficient manner.

   3.Members provide equal and caring service to all customers regardless of ethnicity, religious or political affiliation.

   4.Members attempt to remedy your concerns about your window cleaning work in a quick and timely manner.

   5.Members are constantly aware of safety for you the customer, themselves and their employees.

   6.Members are encouraged to ensure that they and their employees have received sufficient training in ladder safety and health issues related to chemical use.

   7.Members ensure only the highest integrity from their employees regarding your property and person. Addressing your concerns about employee conduct and appearance immediately.

   8.MWCoA members use the discussion group as a means of continuing education in the window cleaning field and attend education seminars whenever possible.

   9.MWCoA members care enough about your window cleaning needs to join other window cleaners across the county and around the world to discuss advancements in the window cleaning industry in order to stay abreast of the latest innovations to better serve you, the consumer.

   10.MWCoA Members are committed to Fair Practice. By that we mean, fair pricing, high quality service and guaranteed workmanship.

Hire a MWCoA Member With Confidence

Number one improvement when selling your home?

Clean Windows!

According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website HomeGain.com and published in the June, 2003 issue of Money magazine washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price.

*Window cleaning costs have increased since 2003 but the benefits of having clean windows in a home for sale remains the highest return on investment.


Typical Cost

Return on Investment

Lighten and brighten home, wash windows

*$86 to $100


Clean and unclutter

$305 to $339


Landscape and trim front yard and backyard

$432 to $506


Repair electrical and plumbing problems

$338 to $381


Spruce up decor, including flowers

$812 to $1,089


Update kitchen and bathroom

$1,546 to $2,120