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MWCoA Email Forum Guidelines

   This forum is not a "No Rules" email group nor is it a "My Way or The Highway" run email group.

   These guidelines are subject to change as MWCoA is a Member driven Association.

   All Members have a voice and can give input as to how they would like to see this forum run BUT refer to #11 below before you send your suggestion.

    Master Window Cleaners of America Yahoo Forum posts are the property of Master Window Cleaners of America and are not to be transmitted or reproduced without express written permission of Master Window Cleaners of America. Posting any Master Window Cleaners of America forum posts on your personal or business website or on social media outlets is grounds for immediate termination from our forum.

   No profanity or obscene material.

   No personal attacks on members, directors or people inside or outside of our forum. Bashing of others may result in removal from the discussion forum and possibly MWCoA.

   No negative commments on the forum about Association Sponsors. If you have a problem with service or product from a sponsor, contact the President privately and the President will attempt to remediate on both your behalves. Keep it private and off the forum in order to be fair to both parties. This rule pertains to members and sponsors alike.

   Keep the chatter to a minimum and stay focused on Window Cleaning issues. We pay to read this email so DO NOT send jokes, gags, funny sayings, etc just for the sake of swapping email funnies.

   Email posts should be original. Formatted in your own words with no reference to another forum in the subject line or message body. In other words, don't copy and paste or forward them to our group. Write a new post.

   * Sign your posts with your Name, Company Name, City and State. Members want to know who they are responding to. Also, your location has a lot to do with the answers to certain types of questions.


   Do not tell another member how to behave or comment on what you think is wrong with a member.

   As an organization with the sole intention of serving the window cleaning industry our goal, we strive to keep our forum as productive for the needs of the window cleaners as we possibly can. To do this we would ask that only our sponsors and their expressed sales representatives post information with the intent of promoting sales.

       The use of hyperlinks or recommendations of particular sponsors ( distributors / supply houses ) for monetary gain or any other personal or professional benefit is prohibited. It is strongly suggested that product endorsements and recommendations be exchanged in personal e-mails. Our forum is not designed to be a product/service/personal recommendation site.

       We aspire to continue to create an atmosphere free of politics and full of window cleaning activity. Please do your part to help us keep this forum the best in the industry.

   Baiting members into debate in order to embarrass the member or the association is strictly prohibited.

   If you have an issue with the association or a member, handle it privately. The forum purpose is to foster learning, not create contention or discord among members.

   Give your input privately to the President on how you would like this forum to operate.

   All suggestions are appreciated but must be done privately. Not on the email forum.

   This is a joint effort and these guidelines are subject to change if the President requires it or the President and members agree on a change.

   The President has the final say concerning disputes. Members may be removed from the board for violating these guidelines, for causing persistent problems or for creating discord and disharmony among the group.

   Additional Guidelines for Sponsors

       Sponsors will be permitted to post only twice during each month about THEIR own business.

       You are not permitted to cite a competitor's ad or product.

       False claims are absolutely forbidden.

       If we find a false or misleading ad, we will place you on moderation and not allow the post. You will be given a chance to edit your post to conform to our Guidelines and resend it.

Send all suggestions and comments to the President, Kim Little.

"Thread of The Month Award"

   MWCoA will award a special prize to the person who starts a thread that creates the most responses, is of special interest or concern to window cleaners or the person that answers a thread with the best response. So, here's your chance to win an 18" Sorbo Cobra squeegee by Sorbo Products. Winning posts will be decided by the President.

Sorbo Products

Thank you Sorbo and good luck MWCoA Forum Members.

Thread of The Month Award Winners

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