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RGH - Reach Higher Ground

At RHG Products Company we manufacturer water purification filters and systems for a variety of industries. With our in house manufacturing capabilities we can build purification components to our customers specifications or design a product for you from the ground up. In addition to manufacturing our own brand of filter components we also supply a wide range of filters to a number of distributors, dealers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

RGH Products Company

Office: 1-303-663-1779

Email: Contact us

RGH Products Co. - Reach Higher Ground

Master Window Cleaners of America Education and Training Events

Upcoming MWCoA Seminars

        Details of future seminars to be announced soon.

Unger Seminar Calendar

Unger Seminar Calendar



Unger Enterprises Inc.

425 Asylum Street

Bridgeport, CT 06610 U.S.A.

Tel: 1.800.431.2324

Fax: 1.800.367.1988

E-mail: unger@ungerglobal.com

Visit the Unger Window Cleaning Website

View the Unger PDF Professional Window Cleaning Guide

A must see for all new window cleaners.

Be sure to see the second page for important Time-Saving Window Cleaning Techniques.

IPC Eagle Corporation

Click Images for Documents by IPC Eagle.

Grow Your Business?

Next IPC Eagle Demonstration

Pure Water Window Cleaning System

       IPC Eagle

       3650 Dodd Rd

       Eagan, MN 55123

       Phone: 651.686.5399

       Toll Free: 800.486.2775

       Fax: 651.686.5695

       Email: info@ipceagle.com

       Website www.ipceagle.com

Reach Higher Ground Going on Tour

Event Dates

Water Fed Pole Seminars by Reach Higher Groud.

   Reach Higher Ground is a company determined to make window cleaning better! We are the leader in waterfed pole innovation, water purification, and price competition! Because a window cleaner has designed all of our products, durability and ease of use is the signature to anything you buy here!

   Sneak Peek - Reach RO/DI R3 Unit

       See Reach Higher Ground for more info

Call Reach Higher Ground:

Phone: (877) RHG-4-WFP

International: (303) 663-1779

Email: Contact Us:

International Window Cleaning Association

IWCA Events 2014

www.iwca.org | 816.472.4922

Annual Window Cleaning Network Picnic

Details coming soon........

Contact Gary Mauer: gmauer@window-cleaning.net

Window Cleaning Network Picnic

The International Builders’ Show

International Builders’ Show® for 2013 ***IS OVER***

Visit us for up-to-date information at:

www.BuildersShow.com or contact us at 800-368-5242, ext. 8111.

2014 Builder Show to be announced soon. Watch this spot for details.

Contact Information:

National Association of Home Builders

1201 15th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 800-368-5242x8111

Direct: 202-266-8111

Fax: 202-266-8104

Custodial Technician Training Program

     Cleaning Managment Institute

     Custodial Technician Training from CMI® can:

   Lower cleaning costs per square foot

   Decrease employee turnover

   Increase satisfaction of building occupants

The CMI® Custodial Technician Training and Certificate program is a complete, high quality training program for custodial technicians, supervisors and any employee engaged in regular cleaning and maintenance of facilities.

The program includes 8 training modules, each focused on a different topic.

To read more about the entire program visit the: Cleaning Managment Institute

For information contact Bea Kelley (518) 640.9172


See also....

CM i-Focus™ on Green Cleaning

International Events Outside the US.

The Cleaning Show 2013, is over.

Stay tuned for updates on the next show.

Professional Cleaning Exhibition for the UK Market


Birmingham, UK

T: +44 1895 454438

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