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Starting a Successful Window Cleaning Business "Basics and Beyond Course"

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Starting a Successful Window Cleaning Business

   After you have made the decision that a window cleaning business is for you there are many other decisions to make that could figure into whether you are successful or just earning enough to get by.

   This course is aimed at helping you to get started, avoid the pitfalls and traps of new business startups and get you on your way to building a successful window cleaning business with a repeat customer base.

   Most experienced window cleaning business owners will tell you that the best way to get started is to work for a window cleaning business for a length of time to gain all the skills required to be proficient. This makes good practical sense but there are times that people don't have that luxury and need to get started up as soon as possible.

   Many businesses have been started with only limited resources and experience and have survived because the owner did all the other things that make a business work and thrive. So whether you have window cleaning experience or just the drive and ambition to own your own business, we will go through these helpful tips step by step to help you begin your journey to a winning business strategy.

   We will go into these topics below one by one in this course.


       Company Name

       Business License

       Tools and Equipment

       Liability Insurance

       Vehicle Types and Setup

       Vehicle Insurance

       Company Slogan

       Business Cards

   Beyond The Basics:

       Write a Business Plan

       Business Phone Line


       Dressing for a Professional Image

       Vehicle Signage

       Business Software

       Getting an EIN Number

       Hiring Employees

       Bookkeeping and Taxes

       Networking for Success

       Business Website


       Hiring and Managing Employees

       Expanded Advertising Strategies

       Add-ons to Increase Volume and Profit


   Tools, Tips and Techniques:

       Squeegees and Stripwashers

       Soap Solutions




       Water Fed Pole

       Stain Removal

       Phones, Estimates and Office Helps

       Tips, Tricks and Techniques

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