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American Window Cleaner Magazine

Issue #111 September/October 2005

Pages 30, 31, 32

The American Window Cleaner Magazine Sits Down with the

Master Window Cleaners of America Association

The Master Window Cleaners of America Association is a newly formed

association, inspired by Jack Nelson of Cumberland, Maryland.

The American Window Cleaner Magazine had the opportunity to interview them recently.

The interview follows.

What is the Master Window Cleaners of America organization and why was it formed? When was it formed?

Jack Nelson- We are an association for residential and route window cleaners. Our goals are to help younger upstart companies avoid the pot holes that we have hit along our way. We are geared toward smaller companies, but include anyone in the window cleaning industry.

We were formed to help other window cleaners across the country and to improve the image of window cleaners.

We formed during the fall and winter of 2003. Four window cleaners from across the country sent e-mails back and forth till we had codified most of what we are today down. Our website was on line in January of 2004.

How is your organization different from the IWCA?

B.A. Autery- The primary difference between the IWCA and the MWCoA is that our organization specifically represents the Residential and Route (R&R) Window Cleaner. We want to specialize in this area of the industry. The R&R window cleaner usually works under three stories. Working under three stories accounts for the majority of all window cleaners everywhere. Concentrating in a specialized area such as this and having a streamlined decision making board of officers, the association can react to the needs of the member in a timely manner. We have our own members' area Discussion Board, a place where assistance is available in the window cleaning business. In just the discussion board alone you will find a very close bond and a professional but family like atmosphere.

How many members do you currently have? Does the current membership have some sort of a niche in the window cleaning industry or are you representative of all aspects of our industry?

B.A. Autery- At the time of this interview, we have approximately * 69 members from 27 states (2005); six of those members are from six different countries and growing! All of our members have something to do with the residential and route area of this industry. Most of us make our living only in this area. This niche is our livelihoods, the provider for our families. Being a “Window Cleaner” we represent all of our fellow brothers and sisters in the industry. Being a specialized window cleaner in any particular area of the industry builds solid ground for all of us to stand on. It improves the industry and its professionalism.

What are the goals of MWCoA?

B.A. Autery- The goal of MWCoA is to assist and serve our members and the industry in the best possible way available. The MWCoA goal is to maintain affordable membership dues while providing industry leading standards, including but not limited to education, training, communication, and assistance to the residential and route window cleaners everywhere.

What are the advantages of joining the MWCoA?

Jack Nelson- MWCoA is very affordable. It's only $50 per year. MWCoA has a Discussion Group which is very active. There are several discussion groups on the net including Gary Mauers. Ours is different in that it is a professional atmosphere with a coffee shop feel. We have a rewards program which includes the naming of a WC'er of the Month and a WC'er of the Year. The monthly winner receives over $250 in prizes. We are working on prizes for the WC'er of the Year. I expect that will exceed $300. Members also can attend our meeting in October at Dan Fields Complex free of charge. Being an active member of the association shows customers that you are an interested in educating yourself.

What benefits do you provide your members?

Jack Nelson- For the experienced window cleaner, it's mostly about giving back. For younger window cleaners we offer our knowledge and experience. We are working on an on-line education system. Members are active on our discussion group and with committees. Members feel like owners of the association and they are. We have what we believe is the best Links Page on the internet for window cleaners. Much of what we have and do is completely free for window cleaners.

What problems, if any, have you encountered to date regarding membership or any other factor?

B.A. Autery- The only problem that “sticks out” with me is that in the beginning we had to pay our dues in the time department. A few people thought the MWCoA was going to be here one day and then gone the next. Actually, that way of thinking from others just made us work harder to show that there is a need for what we could provide. We knew it would be slow and a lot of hard work, so we just rolled up our sleeves and got after it. Today, with over * 60 members in six different countries is only the first step. I remember people asking us when we were going to have our first convention. Convention time will come eventually, but the priority will always be how we can bring the association to the window cleaner on a more frequent schedule. Through training, education and co-op networking programs we can do this every day instead of one time.

Where do you see the organization a year from now? Five years from now?

B.A. Autery- Here are a few possibilities but we are not limited to them since we have some that are still in progress.

   The implementation of training and education programs from the MWCoA Education Committee.

   The activation of the Co-op Networking programs.

   Success stories in the mentor program.

   Bigger role in glass issues in the glass industry and affected industries and professions.

   More members and sponsors. We now have associate memberships that are available.

(5 years from now)

We will continue to build our association by adding members from across the world wherever we are needed. With this broad base of residential and route window cleaners we are becoming and continue to be a dynamic driving force in the window cleaning industry. We are earning a reputation for helping the little guy get his or her business off the ground, based on professional standards and ethics. With our different approach to training and education programs and the one-on-one training across the country, we will be recognized as a leader in our segment of the industry.

Who are some of your members and what have they said the reason(s) were for joining?

B.A. Autery- Who are our members? We had a member join the other day who has just gotten started----I mean just started---about two weeks into this new career. The opposite of the coin, we have another member who has been in this business for over 30 years. We have everyone in between, all special and all willing to help each other. We have a Directory Page that lists all of our Professional Members and our newest page will list the Associate Members.

A few of the reasons for joining the association that we hear all of the time from the members are:

   Reasonable association dues

   Focused on the small window cleaning company

   Private association-based email discussion group and the atmosphere involved in helping one another

   A desire to join an association that is growing and being part of its growth

If a window cleaner does any work in the residential or route area of this industry, they need to have a look at us and consider joining. We are going to have quite a few programs that could benefit them in their business. Come join us and help us bring the association to you, the Window Cleaner.

Are there any other points you want the industry to know about the MWCoA?

B.A. Autery- The best place to learn about us is our website: www.mwcoa.com. We are always updating and changing things in our website; you can learn a lot about us there. There’s not much room here to go over everything that we are involved in. We have a reward program to recognize the Window Cleaner of the Month from our email group with over $250 in prizes from our sponsors and supporters. At the end of the year we also recognize the Window Cleaner of the Year. On the Events Page you will find the Window Cleaning Events that are going to take place around the country and not necessarily the MWCoA’s agenda. On that page you will see our first training event for the MWCoA. In October, training will be hosted and taught by Dan Fields. Subjects taught will be Construction Window Cleaning, Tempered Glass and Water Spots, a $750 value. The session is free to all members of the MWCoA.

On behalf of the MWCoA Association and its Members we wish to Thank You for this opportunity to answer your questions. We have an open door policy and welcome any comments or suggestions that one may have.

Jack Nelson - Director

Our other Officers are Don Chute (Georgia) and Howard Connet (Arizona) Moderator/Webmaster.

Reprinted with permission

American Window Cleaner Magazine

Issue #111 September/October 2005

* Mid 2008 Membership stands at over 300 Members in 45 states and 13 countries.