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Westminster Seminar Photos and Video

March 2010

Mike Draper Cleaning inside while

Jack Nelson takes a picture in the rain

Dwight & Gerd

Shawn Gavin of Reach Higher Ground Awards

Osei Blackett a 24ft WFP Pole

Dwight Rowe ( red ) & Lloyd Waldron

work with an Ionics pole

Sean Carr working High with the

new Ionics Glyder while Lloyd Waldron

works low with an original Ionics pole

Dinner at Texas Road House

Jack Nelson & Lloyd Waldron

Ken King & Bill Dempsey

talk as others enjoy the dinner

Mike Draper and Andrew from J.Racenstein Co.

talk to MWCoA member Sean Carr

Dwight Rowe talks with New

MWCoA Member Osei Blackett

Attendees converse during a break

Dwight Rowe & Steve Blyth in foreground

Jack Nelson reacts to a comment by Don Chute

Don Chute receiving his Window Cleaning

Hall Of Fame Plaque

Steve Blyth awards Mike Sanders the SimPole

Impressive Van.

Willingham's Window Wagon

Limited edition

( 1 of a kind for now...)

MWCoA Hat worn by

Shawn Gavin of Reach Higher Ground

Master Window Cleaners of America

MWCoA Westminster Seminar Photos and Videos

March 2010


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