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MWCoA 2009 Tracy, California Seminar Photos

Sponsored by MWCoA

At the brand new CWC Supply Showroom/Warehouse


Hey folks!

Just a quick note to give kudo's to Jack Nelson for putting together & pulling off the "first time ever" a 2 day event/seminar. It was truly a blast and a BIG shout out to CWC supply both Tom & Shonda for their hospitality and opening up the entire CWC warehouse for this event...you guys are "TOP SHELF" Dinner at Texas roadhouse was off the hook...a big thank you for that as well!

To all the presenter/speakers fabulous job folks,very informative and great networking(truly my favorite part) and a special thanks to Jeff Flint for his sample care package he gave to a few of us to test & use and for the great seminar & demo.

As always...Dan Fields is truly a blessing for all of us,i continue to learn whenever i'm exposed to this man. Don Chute always on the money with his seminar & demo,and always a pleasure seeing his lovely wife Holly!!

As for all the other speakers great job, i too learned alot, it was an awesome event,too bad more of the group here couldn't have made it.

To ALL the window cleaners who showed up... thank you for making this event a success,you guys are the reason we do this stuff! Too many to name it was my pleasure meeting some of you for the first time and seeing some old buddies again....you guys ROCK!!!!

Thanks to Howard as well for all the behind the scene's stuff alot of us don't see.

Last but not least shout out to Larry Laczko for his generosity and chat session we had and also for my espresso beans,that made my day!!

I must of gained 2 lbs with all the good grub while i was there

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of that!

Craig Aldrich

Sparkle Window Cleaning

Canyon Lake,Ca.

My wife and I would like to thank, again and again, Jack Nelson, Dan Fields, Craig Aldredge, Don Chute, Harv Berger, Jeff Flint, Greg from Hydrotec, Mr Longarm, Ettore, Unger, and all those who made this Event such a success. This 2-day event was something special to watch it unfold and just absorb the enormous amount of professional knowledge and information being transferred.

To be honest I was a little concerned about the 2-day event and just wondered how everyone involved would produce enough class time to fill the 2 days. It couldn't have gone any better as far as I am concerned.

Jack from the MWCoA did a great job planning this event and so did all the others involved.

A very special thanks to all the window cleaning and pressure washing companies who reschuduled their appointments to make this event. We had a great turnout. In the end it is the window cleaners themselves who made this worthwhile.

I would like to pass on something I learned during this event that really demonstrates the effort, time, and personal expense that is required by the speakers, vendors, and the attendees. All involved Jack Nelson of MWCoA, Dan Fields SRP, Craig Aldredge of IWCA, Don Chute IPC, and Harv Berger of Titan Labs incur all the expense of getting to and from and setting up and that doesn't even include the time lost from their regular business operations.

The above statements are not just true to this event but all the events in which these individuals attend during the year to include the annual window cleaning convention.

This group of individuals along with those who were not at this particular event are extremely valuable to our Industry. They provide information that would take decades to learn on your own. It's something special.

The bottom line is everyone involved is promoting themselves and their services and or products but at the same time providing powerful information that will enable everyone to be better at what they do and develop very important relationships and contacts within our Industry.

Thanks again everyone and hope to see you all soon.


CWC Supply

"Superior Customer Service, Unmatched Product Knowledge and Support"

Your right John, what an event. Thank you to EVERYONE who had a hand to putting this together. Jack does A LOT of work for us. Tom at CWC has a great shop. He and his wife are great people who really go out of their way to help. Don Chute...Craig Aldrich...nuff said. Great guys. Dan Fields, WOW. I could go on and on.

If you missed this event, plan on making the next one. The time and money you may put into getting there (mine was a lot, I came all the way from WA) is well worth it. The knowledge you gain is invaluable. And the networking time, priceless. As Dan Fields was mentioning during his Fabricating Debris talk, the more knowledgeable you are, the more you are trusted by your customers. I feel a lot more knowledgeable and I can't wait to get out in the field and share it with my customers.

Thanks again Jack for putting on a great event. Can't wait for the next one.

Jeremy Anglin

Reflections Window Cleaning

Spokane Valley, WA.

Dan Fields preps for the seminar

\Jeff Flint center talking with

Dan Fields & Richard Coney

A nice crowd on hand for the start of the first day

Craig Aldrich talks about Hardwater Stain removal

Craig Aldrich, Grady Kerr, John Jurgens and Larry Lazkco talking before the start of the seminar

Don Chute, Tom Tumath & Steve Goodbar talking shop

Dan Feilds shows what can happen if

you're not careful ( glass shaddered )

\Eat your heart out Kim Little

Harv Berger of Titan Labs and Tom Tumath

The ladies Shonda Tumath & Jessica Johnson

From MrLongArm

Tom Tumath Demos the Power washing and Water Reclaim systems. California has Reclaim laws

Don Chute talking to Scott Knight a new MWCoA member

Harve Berger gave generously of his time and educated us on his products. He also donated a lot of product to give away. He has a new product called "Cement Off"

Tom Tumath during his class time on adding Power washing to your business.

The MrLongArm Demo was well received

More of the MrLongArm Demo

\Randy Mills won the MrLongArm Package. He is New MWCoA member.

Don Chute speaking on Salesmanship. Excellent talk. Excellent! It will be in the members section soon

Dan Etched some glass with an acid, then removed it. That video will also be in the members section thanks to Dans Generosity

Nice shirt work by MWCoA Member Bill Thiry

Don Chute in class on Pure Water Technology. In the members section soon. Excellent!

Jeff Flint speaking on glass and coatings. Jeff is way too smart and if you want proof, the video is coming soon!

Jeffs Power Point.

Nice work for signage by Matt

Randy Mills "Fog" van

John Jurgens made the long drive to the seminar

Richard Coney's Truck. Nice signage!

Brian Anderson's "Master" Truck!

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Check our Events Page for upcoming MWCoA Seminars.