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MWCoA Pittsburgh Seminar March 18th 2008 Photos

Colker and Co

2618 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Roy Bradley from SOW Window Cleaning in Ohio talking at the Pittsburgh Seminar.

James Gautsch and an attendee from Window Genie.

Chirron from Colker Co helped process orders and make pop corn too!   

Bob Camp from Unger speaks on the Unger carbon fiber sectional Pole.

Attendees check out the products during a break. In the red, is Stephen Ball, Zane from SOW Window cleaning is in the tan jacket.

Several of the attendees brave the rain to see the WFP of Pulex.

Randy from AJ Window Cleaning tries the Unger Carbon Fiber Sectional pole.

Don Chute shows off how a pro does it.

AJ with his back to us, William & Mercedes Denham from A to Z Cleaning talk.

The exterior of 1 section of Colker Co. They have about 3 sections.   

Don Chute Ionics talks with John Siebenaler IPC rep and Chuck Walsh.

Our gracious host Greg Colker. He told how his mother started the business in 1973.

Lynn Peden From EaCo Chem speaks about how cleaning chemicals can save you wasted energy and do a better job. 

Don Chute shows off the newest 4 stage filting system for WFP.

Some preferred to view the action from inside.

Nothing beats the hands on experience. I believe that is Mike from Noble Window Cleaning. George Soltirake ( Lynn's husband ) is to his left in the black.

Roy Bradley samples the pole.

Greg Colker.

David Stambaugh from Captain Scrubby Window Cleaning working the pole. AJ Lopata in the left in blue shirt.

Jack Nelson MWCoA Director, speaking on fabricating Debris before the seminar starts.

Jack Nelson realizing that Don is taking his picture.....