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J.Racenstein Company and Unger Plants 2007 Photos

J.Racenstein Company

Cameron Riddell of Racenstein talking about Bird Barrier

Members check out the vendor during a break

Donna & Byron Freeman talk to Dan Birch of New England Rope Co.

Dan Fields talks with Rudy Hugo & Seth Gorczyca

Dan Fields talks with Rudy Hugo & Seth Gorczyca

Attendees prepare for WFP Demos

Eric Corso teaches about WFP

Eric Corso teaches about WFP

Eric Corso teaches about WFP

John Depalma in burgandy shirt watches WFP Demo

Joel Hollis in Green & Bloys Monroe of Fish window cleaning in Red work the poles

Larry Green with IWCA teaches ladder safety

Larry Green with IWCA teaches ladder safety

Dan Birch with New England Ropes

John Seabenaller of Eagle Power shows his carbon fiber pole During the break

Dan Birch New England Ropes

Joel and Liz Hollis talk with John Becker of Ettore

Chris Lambrinides talks with Mike Sharlow of Unger

Cathy & Tom VanGeldren Talk with IPC? Eagle Power


Eric showing how its done

Mike Silverstein from Fish Window cleaning trying a pole

Liz Hollis tries the WFP

Stuart Hemby working the pole

New MWCoA Member Barbara Young on a WFP


Bob Camp talks about Ungers newest mini R/O in testing stages

Dan Fields talks with Thomas Early of Apex Corp & New MWCoA member Robert Zampa during lunch

Paul Chreirman and son talk as Cameron Riddell walks by

Lisa and David Cifarelli (members in Red and plaid ) talk to Carlos Simbana & wife of Sleepy Hollow Window Cleaning

Donna & Byron Freeman came from Florida to see and hear Dan Fields speak. They won a complete set of Dan's DVDs for the longest trip

Mark Unger speaks before the WFP Demo by Eric Corso

Everyone listening to Mark ( Patrick West from Cliff hangers in Black )

Willinghams truck, very impressive

Just before the Unger Seminar starts

\Dan Fields explains the difference between Scratches caused by a scraper & Fabricating Debris, Patrick Winter looks on

Left to right - Patrick Winter, Thomas Lefebre, Peter and Bonnie Cuprak, Eric Tangney, Bob Camp( Standing ), Dave Phillips ( Stripped shirt ) , Doug Johnson very back with glasses on ,Melissa Simbana ( Blue sweater ),Steve Watson ( Red Shirt ), Melody Edwards ( brown dress ) RobertZampa against wall, with hat. 4in the front are from All County Window Cleaning

Mark Unger who spent most of the day with the group, listens intently to Dan's Lecture.

Mark ready to show the group window cleaning with Ergonomics

They have every base covered

Eric Corso, ready to Demo for another crowd as Cameron Riddell assists

I just thought this was a nice shot

Robert Zampa working the nearest pole Steve Watson in the back. Both are new MWCoA members

A better shot

Mark Unger explaining one of the pole systems. 4 poles in 1

Carlos Simbana and wife made the trip from New York

Eric Tangney's Shirt, very nice!


I would like to thank you and the team for putting this together. As I am new to this business I found a wealth of information that will help me move forward. All of the presenters did a great job.

I know being new I would love to see more events like this. If they are already out there please let me know and if not I will offer my help if we can put more together.

Thanks again,

Gary D'Angelo

Owner / Operator

Magical Touch

Suffolk County NY

Loved the seminar. Meeting up with everyone was great. Food great, Dan great, WFP demos great. Safety briefing was pretty good. It woke me up to some things to think about like OSHA fines ouch. Great great seminar. Looking forward to another one.

Suggestions for next show. Louder speakers or place it in a room that is not so noisy. I kept hearing the people in the back stating they could not hear to well some of the time.

Can't wait till next one.

Raymond Fulgoni


New Jersey Window Washing

New Jersey