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Americas Finest Window Cleaning Professionals

Extension Poles

Beginning of Ettore Tour

Boxing Up Squeegee Rubber

Checking for Imperfections

Jack and Craig

Cutting Squeegee Rubber

Dan Fields

Ettore Mfg Plant

Ettore's Grand Daughter

Ettore's Historic Memorabilia

Jack Nelson and Dan Fields

Jason and Mark with Michael

Lunch Before the Ettore Tour

Michael Smahlik of Ettore

Mike and Jack

Michael Smahlik and Jack

Mystery Car

Signing in

Craig's Pimpmobile

Jasons Ride

Talking shop

Old Style vs Ettore Squeegee

That's a lot of Squeegees!

The Group at CWC

The Hat (Ettore won it)

Gerald Holt

Tom and Shonda - CWC

Thomas & Shonda Tumath

Jim Mulligan

Mike Hatcher and Craig Aldrich

Welcome Jack

Michael Smahlik and "The Hat"

Craig & Jason

I'm leaving...on a jet plane


Dan using SRP System

Jeff Klass & Dan Fields

Craig's swimming pool

Craig & Dan

Gerald Holt's Rig

Ettore Plant

Ettore Plant(channel making machine)

Craig & Jeff

Craig waitng on Jack

Jack arriving

Mike and Jack

Meeting Dan for breakfastEarly bird hello

"The Man" Dan Fields

Jack and Dan early bird hello

Early bird hello

Jack and Craig at CWC Supply

Tom and Shonda - CWC

Tom and Shonda - CWC

Gang at cwc

Shonda and Craig

Shonda Tumath

Craig and Michael

Ettore Historic Memorabilia

Michael and "The Hat"

"The Hat"

Jack at Ettore Historic Memorabilia

Ettore Granddaughter

Ettore Plant

Cutting rubber to size

Michael examinig rubber

Gerald Holt

Packing rubber

Ettore Plant

Michael Jason Mark

Channel making machine

Stacked channels

Talking to Michael

Deburring machine

Deburring machine

Deburring machine

Craig Gerald Jason as Michael speaks


Crates of channels

Michael examining a channel

Ettore warehouse

Michael talking squeegees

The gang with goodie bags

Michael and Jack

Ettore receptionist

Works to live by at Ettore

Ettore entrance

Ettore sign

The gang out to dinner

Dan explaining the seminar outline

The gang at the seminar breakroom

The gang at the seminar breakroom

The gang at the seminar breakroom

Need a bucket? Dan's warehouse

Film crew and Kim Little

Jack Nelson, Patrick Denphy, Franklin Prada & Jesus Mendoza

Larry Lackzo, Jason & Jim Mulligan

Luncheon area in Special Services warehouse

Craig Aldrich and Jeff Klass

Lee Jine, Dans personal assistant and right hand WOMAN

Training window wall

Training window wall

Construction Window Cleaning tolls

Putty/Broad Knife, used to clean construction debris of glass

Soaps and Chemicals used for Construction Window Cleaning

Screen clip

Waiting for next seminar

Jeff Klass and Kim Little

Filming setup

Jasons Ride

Break time, still talking windows

Break time, still talking windows

Break time, still talking windows

Mike and Craig

Dan's set up for hanging buckets and such

Extension ladder rack, a must for high work

(Facing front) Jerry Holt, Jason Bowers(Back to us) Patrick Denphy Keith Kroehler

(Facing front) Jesus Mendoza, Mark Francis(Back to us) Franklin, Larry Laczko, Jim Mulligan

Chowing down

The good stuff

The learning never stops

Another window cleaning training wall

Filming equipment

The film crew

Special Services van

Special Services van

Dan Fields with Appreciation Award presented by Jack Nelson

Jack and Dan

Jack and Dan

Mike Hatcher and Shonda Tumath

Kim Little

Jeff Klass asking: "What did he say?"

Construction window cleaning equipment

Construction window cleaning equipment

Kim Little

A RARE shot of Dan on his kneesSave this one

Extra extension ladders

Jack trying to steal one of dan's laddersBUSTED!!!

Dan & Franklin Prada

Dan & Jeff Klass

Ettore's Newest Squeegee

Seminar Gang

Master Window Cleaners of America

Dan Fields and MWCoA "Construction Cleaning" Seminar 2005

Including the Ettore Plant Tour and CWC Supply

"Construction Window Cleaning" by Dan Fields Available on DVD Here